Here you can find links to articles in the press about our research or related to it. For publications please click here (link).

Our research in the press

Here an overview of articles in the press about our research:

11/11/2017, Tubantia (Dutch):”Zoektocht naar Servische soldaten”
Link: article Tubantia 11/11/2017 (jpg).

05/11/2017, Politika (Serbian):”Holandija pamti srpske žrtve”

04/11/2017, Vesti (Serbian):”Holanđani prkose zaboravu Holan|ani prkose zaboravu”

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02/11/2017: Overview of articles which appeared after our presentation at the Serbian ministry of Foreign Affairs

Click here, to see the overview. 

30/06/2017, Politikin Zabavnik (Serbian):”Junaci Rasuti po svetu”

Link: article Politikin Zabavnik 30/06/2017 (pdf).
Link: article Politikin Zabavnik 30/06/2017 (www).

10/12/2016, Vesti (Serbian):”Kraj lutanja kostiju” 
Link: article Vesti 10/12/2016 (pdf 1, pdf 2)

11/09/2015, Belgrade Insight (English):”Tracing WWI’s Fallen from Holland to Serbia”
Link: article Belgrade Insight (pdf).
Link: article Balkan Insight (www).

11/02/2014, Danas (Serbian):”The fate of the soldiers discovered after a century”

Link: article Danas 11/02/2014 (our www).
Link: article Danas 11/02/2014 (www).

24/06/2013, Politika (Serbian):”Successful search for the Serbian graves”

15.02.2013, Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch):”Questions remain about deceased Serbs”
Link: article RD 15/02/2013 (jpg).
Link: article RD 15/02/2013 (www).

05/01/2013, Politika (Serbian):”Dutch people are searching for Serbian graves”
Link: article Politika 05/01/2013 (www).

Articles in the press related to our research

05/10/2016,Nieuwsblad de Band (Dutch):”Commemoration Serbian soldiers”
Link: article Nieuwsblad de Band (www).

06/10/2016, Vesti (Serbian):”Martyrs are not forgotten”
Link: article Vesti 06/10/2016 (jpg).

20/09/2011, Nieuwsblad de Band (Dutch):”First anniversary memorial Serbian monument”
Link: not available anymore.

26/06/2010, Vesti (Serbian):”Students pay tribute to their ancestors”
Link: not available anymore.

09/02/2009, Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch): “Search of Serbs who died in the Netherlands”
Link: article RD 09/02/2009 (www).

27/11/2006, Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch): “Garderen remember Serbian soldiers”
Link: article RD 27/11/2006 (www).

14/07/2006, Politika (Serbian):”A monument made from A Belgian stone”
Link: not available anymore.

22/01/1919, Telegraaf (Dutch):”Spanish flu under the Serbian prisoners of war”
Link: article Telegraaf 22/01/1919 (our www)