Personal data

Name: Milan Biljović
Age: 37
Date of birth: –
Place of birth: Dobrava
District (current): Kosovska Mitrovica
Date and place of death: 11-08-1918, Enschede
Name on Monument in Garderen: –

Military unit

Rank: –
Military unit: –

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Enschede 1918 No. 296
Name: Milan Tzijlovitch
Age: 37
Town: Dobrawa (Palanka)
Death: 11.08.1918
Place of death: Enschede
Family information: Father: Ilija, spouse Jelitza => Jelica

Serbian Exhumation report

Name: Biljović Milan
Date of birth: 37
Place of birth: Dobrava
Death: 11.VII 1918.
Place of initial burial: Loneker, Enšede, Holandija
Date of exhumation: 14.V 1938.
Remains placed in lead box number: No. 29
Placed in a mausoleum in: Czechoslovakia (Jindřichovice)