Personal data

Name: Miloš Gavrović
Age: 29
Date of birth: 23.1.1890
Place of birth: Miločaj
District (current): Raška
Date and place of death: 23-01-1919, Usselo
Name on Monument in Garderen: Gavrosic Milos

Military unit

Rank: Soldier
Military unit: 4. company, 11. regiment infantry

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Lonneker 1919 No. 37
Name: Milosch Gavrowits
Age: 23
Town: Milotschaila (Oprotsatsinski)
Death: 23.01.1919
Place of death: Usselo
Family information: Father: Leka (Luka?)

Serbian Exhumation report

Name: Gavrović Miloš
Date of birth: 23.I 1890
Place of birth: Miločaj
Death: 23.I 1919.
Place of initial burial: Loneker, Enšede, Holandija
Date of exhumation: 14.V 1938.
Remains placed in lead box number: No. 36
Placed in a mausoleum in: Czechoslovakia (Jindřichovice)

About Miloš

Miloš Gavrović was from Miločaj and was a Serbian First World War soldier. His brother made a monument for him in 1939 in Miločaj , because Miloš never returned home. His familly believed he died in Germany in 1918.

As we can see the information above, Miloš did not die in Germany, but in the Netherlands, in Usselo (near Enschede). We informed his nephew about this when we visited the monument in Miločaj on 03.01.2013. Flowers were layed on the grave and candles were burned to the memory of Miloš.

The full story can be read here (link).