Personal data

Name: Radosav Jovičić
Age: 34
Date of birth: –
Place of birth: Veliki Borak
District (current): Kolubara/Beograd
Date and place of death: 26-01-1919, Dordrecht
Name on Monument in Garderen: –

Military unit

Rank: –
Military unit: –

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Dordrecht 1919 No. 72
Name: Radosav Jovitchitch
Age: 34
Town: N Bozak
Death: 26.01.1919
Place of death: Dordrecht
Family information: –

Serbian Exhumation report

Name: Jovičić Radosav
Date of birth: age 34
Place of birth: Borak
Death: 26.I 1919.
Place of initial burial: Dordreht, Južna Holandija, Holandija
Date of exhumation: 11.V 1938
Remains placed in lead box number: No. 57
Placed in a mausoleum in: Czechoslovakia (Jindřichovice)

31/07/2017: Family found of Radosav Jovičić from Veliki Borak who died in Dordrecht.

We are proud to announce that we have found the descendants of Radosav Jovičić in Veliki Borak (SRB) who died in the Dordrecht (NL) on the 26th January 1919. As researchers you need sometimes luck to find what you are looking for and to get in touch with the right persons and in this case we had that luck.

For the full story please visit the follow link:  Radosav Jovičić