Personal data

Name: Miloš Simonović
Age: 36/39 (?)
Date of birth: –
Place of birth: Brusjak
District (current): ?
Date and place of death: 11-01-1919, Rotterdam
Name on Monument in Garderen: –

Military unit

Rank: –
Military unit: –

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Rotterdam 1919 No. 315
Name: Miloch Simonovitch
Age: 36
Town: Brufjak
Death: 11.01.1919
Place of death: Rotterdam
Family information: married

Serbian Exhumation report

Name: Simonović Miloš
Date of birth: 39
Place of birth: Brusjak
Death: 11.I 1919.
Place of initial burial: Roterdam, Holandija
Date of exhumation: 11. V 1938
Remains placed in lead box number: No. 23
Placed in a mausoleum in: Czechoslovakia (Jindřichovice)

Illness and death

On 2 January 1919 Miloš Simonović and Svetozar Dimitrijević were brought to the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (Hospital of St. Francis), where they were diagnosed with Spanish flu. After 10 days Miloš Simonović died on 11 January of Spanish flu with pneumonia and nephritis. Dimitrijević recovered and left the hospital on 18 January, after 18 days of treatment.

Burial and exhumation

Miloš was buried on 13 January 1919 with military honours on Rotterdam (Crooswijk) General Cemetery, in general 3rd class grave No. 948, row 30, 2 deep, in coffin No. 99. The ceremony was led by the Russian archpriest from The Hague.

The remains were exhumed on 14 May 1938 for transport to Czechoslovakia.