Personal data

Name: Dragutin Stojanović
Age: 31
Date of birth: –
Place of birth: [Smederevska] Palanka
District (current): Podunavlje
Date and place of death: 07-09-1918, Rotterdam
Name on Monument in Garderen: –

Military unit

Rank: –
Military unit: –

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Rotterdam 1918 No. 4779
Name: Dragoetin Stojanowits
Age: 31
Town: Palanka
Death: 07.09.1918
Place of death: Rotterdam
Family information: Father: Ivan (railway official Palanka), mother: Emiljia

Illness and death

Dragutin Stojanović arrived to the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (Hospital of St. Francis) on 18 March 1918, where he was diagnosed with tuberculosis universalis. After 179 days in hospital, he died on 7 September 1918 and was buried on 10 September on Rotterdam (Crooswijk) General Cemetery, in general 4th class grave No. 1050, row 23, 1 deep, in coffin No. 2829. Because at the time 4th class graves were kept 10-15 years unless the remains were claimed by relatives, his grave had probably already been removed before 1933, and the remains brought to a collective grave, before the Yugoslav authorities came looking for them in 1938.