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This website is dedicated to the Serbian World War I soldiers who died in the Netherlands. A monument in Garderen is dedicated to the memory of them. To read their story you can read the introduction. Below you can read the latest news items.

This website is in three languages: English, Serbian and Dutch so you can choose your preferred language in the menu at the top at the right side.

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Brochure Serbian soldiers of World War I who died in the Netherlands

In December 2016 the Dutch embassy in Belgrade (Serbia) published a brochure which the research team of this website wrote. The brochure can download it here:

"Serbian Soldiers of WWI who died in the Netherlands".

02/11/2017: Presentation at Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade
On the 2nd November 2017 we were honoured to present the results of our research to H.E. Mr. Dačić, the Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Serbian Foreign Minister and Serbian ambassador H.E. prof. dr Nikšić & Dutch ambassador H.E. van den Dool. 

The event was hosted by the Serbian ministry of Foreign Affairs and co-hosted by the Dutch embassy in Belgrade. The presentation was held in the Diplomatic Museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The speech of H.E. Mr. Dačić can be downloaded here : Serbian  & English 
The speech of H.E. Mr. van den Dool can be downloaded here: English

For the pictures , please click here.

 31/07/2017: Family found of Radosav Jovičić from Veliki Borak who died in Dordrecht.

We are proud to announce that we have found the descendants of Radosav Jovičić in Veliki Borak (SRB) who died in the Dordrecht (NL) on the 26th January 1919. As researchers you need sometimes luck to find what you are looking for and to get in touch with the right persons and in this case we had that luck.

For the full story please visit the follow links:

Radosav Jovičić (in English)

Radosav Jovičić (na srpskom) -uskoro-

Radosav Jovičić (in het Nederlands)

06/07/2017: A blog about our research on Europeana

The people from the website Europeana requested us to wrote a blog about our research, which we did in English &Serbian& Dutch. 

On Europeana you find material from galleries, libraries, archives and museums from all over Europe that want to share their collections with a wider audience, whether it is for work, learning, or just to enjoy. The also have a special website dedicated to the First World War ( Europeana 1914-1917, link).

We are very delighted that Europeana wanted to publish our blog about our research to Serbian WWI soldiers who died in the Netherlands. We hope that in future we can share more information with them and we invite everybody to do the same: if you have material for example from the First World War then you can upload the content to their website (link)

Link to our blog:  




02/07/2017: Historiek &Politikin Zabavnik

An article on a Dutch website about history (www.historiek.net) appeared. Historiek is website frequently visited & updated. The link to the article is here: http://historiek.net/de-spaanse-griep-1919-servische-slachtoffers-op-de-veluwe/69805/

On Friday 30/06/2017 an article appeared in the Serbian Politikin Zabavnik. You can buy this magazine all over Serbia and abroad. 

Here the link to the pdf file: Politikin Zabavnik 30/06/2017 (pdf).

You can find older news in our News Archive!