Personal data

Name: Tatomir Nedeljković
Age: 31
Date of birth: –
Place of birth: Bresno Polje
District (current): Rasina
Date and place of death: 01-08-1918, Nieuw-Buinen
Name on Monument in Garderen: –

Military unit

Rank: –
Military unit: –

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Borger 1918 No. 60
Name: Takomir Nedeljkowitz
Age: 31
Town: Bresnapolje 
Death: 01.08.1918
Place of death: Nieuw-Buinen
Family information: –

In 2009 Miloš Stojić published a book on Bresno Polje, with a list of WWI victims from that village. He doesn’t mention anyone by the name of Nedeljković or Tatomir. In his 1969 book “On the slopes of Beljanica” Damnjan Popović mentions a certain Nedeljković Čedomir from the village of Plažane. Given the numbers of victims it is almost impossible to get certainty about the real identity.

Tatomir Nedeljković died at the home of Gerhardus Adolphus Lukken in Nieuw Buinen.