On this page you will find the results of our research to the fate of the Serbian WWI soldiers who died in the the Netherlands. There are stories about the soldiers we have traced back, but also more general stories. Currently we have traced 12 soldiers back, from whom we have about 10 published a story.

So far we traced family back from the following soldiers, click on their name for the full story:

General stories :

From the following soldiers we have a traced the family, but we have no story:

  • Srećko Bogosavljević from Miokus
  • Milan Đelekar from Bresno Polje

From the following soldiers we spoke with (local) experts, but we can’t find any trace:

  • Živko Damnjanović from Šabac
  • Đura Stojadinović from Azanja
  • Dragutin Stojanović from Smederevska Palanka
  • Milomir Matijević from Gornja Dobrinja

Stories which will follow hopefully soon:

  • Radovan Nikolić from Todorin Do
  • Milan Biljović from Dobrova
  • Three soldiers from the municipality of Varvarin

Allied soldiers which we found as well: