It is now 100 years ago that the 91 Serbian WWI soldiers of our research died in the Netherlands. Since 2012 the team of did everything to give them a name, a face and a place in history so that they would not be forgotten. Of these 91 soldiers we found 12 families: some of them shared their stories, some of them did not. For those who did share their stories you will find these stories here on our website . We are grateful to all those who shared their stories and to all the people who helped us.

Now it is 100 years later after those 91 Serbian WWI heroes died in the Netherlands and not on the top of the Kajmakčalan mountain or during the Kolubara battles. There is nobody to read their names, but we do it here now , as we did not forget them, 100 years later. Two weeks ago the team of did already light symbolically a candle by the monument for Miloš Gavrović from Miločaj, one of the soldiers who died in the Netherlands (in Usselo).

And here for all the others:

On 11th January 1919 Miloš Simonović died in Rotterdam.

On 15th January 1919 Milorad Ristanović died in Enschede.

On 17th January 1919 Svetozar Božanić died in Dordrecht, Tihomir Jovanović in Enschede , Dejan Ilić in Nijmegen and Najdan Nikodijević in Usselo.

On 18th January 1919 Srećko Bogosavljević and Milosav Milosavljević died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Vladimir Jovanović in Dordrecht, Velimir Dodolisko, Velisav Ivanović, Miloš Jeremić, Serafim Kapović and Mililsav Marković in Nijmegen and Nikola Nikolajević in Usselo. 

On 19th January 1919 Živko Damnjanović died in Amersfoort, Viden Matić, Branko Radović, Živan Stefanović in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Sretan Stevanović, Milentije Vukadinović in Dordrecht and Dejan Milošević, Dragojle Ranković and Luka Živković in Nijmegen.

On 20th January 1919 Nikola Brčerević, Stanislav Marinković and Đura Stojadinović died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Milan Brkić, Jovan Paunović in Dordrecht, Đorđe Mitrović in Enschede, Miloš Donević, Jezdimir, Vukosav Miljković, Mihajlo Stenović, Ivan Živanović in Nijmegen and Mihajlo Avramović in Usselo.

On 21st January 1919 Vladimir Bošković, Bogdan Lazić, Marjan Marjanović, Milovan Milojević, Tihomir Mitrović and Velizar Vuković died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Dragutin Milanović, Petar Nikolić in Nijmegen and Stojan Đorđevićm Miloš Obradović in Usselo.

On 22nd January 1919 Milenko Damnjanović, Milomir Matijević, Đorđe Vukosavljević died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Živojin Miladinović in Dordrecht, Sreten Raičić in Enschede, Stojan Miosavljević in Hengelo, Arsen Lazarević, Laza Lazarević, Kosta Marković, Milutin Talović in Nijmegen and Božidar Radovanović in Usselo.

On 23th January 1919 Dragomir Mijatović, Vladimir Mitrović died Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Petar Aleksić in Dordrecht, Desimir Popović en Dimitrije Stojanović in Enschede, Stanoje Dobrosavljević in Hengelo, Miloš Gavrović, Dragoš Nikolić and Radovan Nikolić in Usselo.

On 24th January 1919 Aranđel Milošević, Milosav Nikolić, Aleksandar Stanković died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen), Mihailo Gajić in Nijmegen and Milenko Marković in Usselo.

On 25th January 1919 Živan Antonijević, Petar Martinović, Milivoje Miladinović, Đorđe Perić died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen) and Stevan Paunović in Hengelo.

On 26th January 1919 Radosav Jovičić died in Dordrecht.

On 27th January 1919 Dragan Dimitrijević, Vasilije Simonović died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen) and Todor Krušeljević in Dordrecht.

On 28th January 1919 Stevan Vasić died in (Nieuw-Milligen) and Uroš Radivojević in Dordrecht.

On 30th January 1919 Stanko Lazarević died in Apeldoorn (Nieuw-Milligen) and Božidar Živanović in Dordrecht.

On 2nd February 1919 Stojan Marković died in Dordrecht.

On 5th February 1919 Dragutin Milutinović died in Dordrecht.

On 7th February 1919 Milojko Karadžić died in Dordrecht.

Eternal glory to them!

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