Personal data

Name: Nikola Nikolajević
Age: 38
Date of birth: 17.2.1880
Place of birth: Dušanovac
District (current): Bor
Date and place of death: 18-01-1919, Usselo
Name on Monument in Garderen: Nikolajevic Nikola

Military unit

Rank: Soldier
Military unit: 3. company, III battalion, 13 regiment infantery

Official Dutch death certificate

Dutch certificate number: Lonneker 1919 No. 24
Name: Nicola Nicolaiwits
Age: 38
Town: Doschnowatz
Death: 18.01.1919
Place of death: Usselo
Family information: Spouse: Trusia Tanasiwits => Tanasijević

Serbian Exhumation report

Name: Nikolajević Nikola
Date of birth: 17.II 1880.
Place of birth: Dušanovac
Death: 18.I 1919.
Place of initial burial: Loneker, Enšede, Holandija
Date of exhumation: 14.V 1938.
Remains placed in lead box number: No. 32
Placed in a mausoleum in: Czechoslovakia (Jindřichovice)

The International Red cross

The International Red Cross started a website with index cards of Prisoners of War. We did of course a research in that database on “our” soldiers. Nikola’s card was found as well, which you can find below.

According to this card he was made Prisoner of War in Cerovac (Near Šabac) the 6th November 1915. He was reported the 6th December 1915 in Braunau i/B, which is nowadays Broumov in the Czech Republic. That was according their list of the 21th January 1916.

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