The team of was in Jindřichovice, a village near Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic on 28th June 2014. A commemoration service was held for the Serbian and Russian WWI soldiers who are placed in the mausoleum in Jindřichovice.

Photo below: The mausoleum in Jindřichovice (CZ), 28.06.2014

Between 1915 and 1918 Jindřichovice (German: Heinrichsgrün, Bohemia) was the location of one of the largest prisoner-of-war camps in the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I with about 40,000 prisoners-of-war. The camp held Italians, Russians, but mostly Serbs – both soldiers and civilians – captured by the Austro-Hungarian army. After the war, the Serbs who had died in the camp were exhumed and laid to rest in a mausoleum that was consecrated in 1932. Also Serbs, and other Yugoslavs, who died in other parts of Bohemia, and even Serbs who died in The Netherlands, were placed here.

For the team it was a very special day because 88 of the 92 Serbian WWI soldiers who died in the Netherlands which we have been researching for more than 2 years found their last resting place in this mausoleum. We laid our flowers on one of the 88 lead-lined coffins which had been transported from the Netherlands. 

Večna im slava! (Eternal glory to them!).

Photo below: Flowers in the mausoleum in Jindřichovice (CZ), 28.06.2014

Photo gallery

Below the photos of the commemoration service in Jindřichovice (CZ), 28.06.2014.
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Photo credits : Tanja Raković & Fabian Vendrig & John Stienen

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