Ova objava je samo dostupna na engleskom jeziku:

Henri Habert, actually Haber, (born in Lublin, September 13th, 1882  or 1883) was a Polish-Jewish journalist and writer who was active in the twentieth century in Flanders, the Netherlands and France. From 1915 until 1919 he lived in the Netherlands.

In 1919 he interviewed Serbian WWI soldiers in the Netherlands who were on their way back to Serbia. He wrote a little brochure of 52 pages which we translated.  It gives an insight of the way these 38 Serbian WWI soldiers traveled towards the Netherlands. None of these soldiers were one of the 92 Serbian WWI who died in the Netherlands.

Google Maps

A google maps was created which can be found here: Google maps / Habert (link)


There are three version free available which you can download from Google Drive:

1) The original Dutch version : link to the original Dutch version: 
Henri Habert, “Binnen het prikkeldraad” – Dutch (pdf)

2) The version translated in English, by the team secanje.nl (note that this translation is a draft, still it needs revision): 
Henri Habert, “Between the barbered wire” – English (pdf)

3) The version translated in Serbian, with kind permission from the Dutch language section of the University of Belgrade (site) and Arius (site) : Henri Habert, “Iza bodljikave žice” – Serbian (pdf)